enero 25, 2023

CUBOT – Inicio del proyecto

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Este curso llevamos otro proyecto de cubo de Rubik, y hace tiempo hicimos otro parecido, pero hemos visto este proyecto bastante completo y sencillo que nos ha gustado y hemos decidido montarlo para la feria. El enlace al proyecto que seguimos es:


Agradecemos a Andrea Favero por su gran trabajo y esperamos poder tener el robot listo pronto.

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  1. Andrea dice:

    I’m Andrea Favero, the CUBOTino inventor.
    I hope this project is proceeding well.
    I’m curious about the end result, as well as about the mentioned fair.

    • admin dice:

      Hi Andrea,
      Thank you so much for your great project. We are a couple of 12 yo students in Sevilla, Spain, and love to do technology projects. Our teacher proposed us to build Cubotino and we agreed at once. Unfortunately the time for the fair is over this year but we expecto to finish it for next one. We will let you know.
      Regards from Spain.

  2. Andrea Favero dice:

    Hi students,
    please let me know if/when you the project is done.
    If some help needed (I don’t think), just drop an email or write to the Instructables chat session.
    I wish you fun with the project, and with the school year!
    Regards, Andrea

    • admin dice:

      Hi Andrea,
      We are very excited with your project. It is the first we make and we are also very happy to have this opportunity in our school, thanks to our technology teacher. At this moment we can spend just a little time every day to the building so we are doing it slowly, but we are confident that near the end of the course, around april, we can have it working. We will let you know when that happens.

      Thank you very much for your great project.
      Anngel and Samuel.

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